Mar. 24th, 2014

dancergiselle: (Default)
It's one of the elephants in the room that makes them all uncomfortable because all the adults know. They've had to deal with him. They've experienced what being with him is like. And it's always been Pandora's Box. They don't stop to think about how much of a bad idea it is to just ignore it anymore, even though their community is rapidly changing in demographics.

To be honest, it's probably more that none of them know how to stop him anymore. They've fallen into his trap years ago. He has too many connections in high places. He's too persuasive in speech. He's just too slippery and too good at turning the knife. If anyone tries to to stop him, they end up getting hurt instead. Everything they worked to build up falls apart like a house of cards because he has that much mastery over this domain.

It's just easier to just keep an eye out. To just increase the surveillance over the kids. To drown out his presence with the music that makes him turn away, but ignoring the problem never makes the elephant go away and sooner or later someone's going to fall down the stairs again.
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