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My name's Giselle. As I mentioned in my sign-up announcement, I'm a headmate in one of the systems who does RLJI regularly. Specifically, I'm a thoughtform, meaning that I was created on purpose, rather than a split or a walk-in.

I'm older than the body.

I'm a dancer, a writer, a lifelong learner and a reiki practitioner. I'm trying to learn sign language when I'm around front. My favorite sign right now is DEAF APPLAUSE/YAY/KUDOS/HURRAH because let's be honest it kind of looks like Jazz Hands. :D

I mentioned this yesterday in its own post, but, I'm pregnant inworld and due any day now. (I know the baby probably doesn't count as an Idol Baby because it's "not a real baby" in this-reality terms at least, but it's still an amusing and important fact about me.)

And since I've been filling these out for a story anyway and I think it's a different way of getting to know me. Here's the “Layers” Meme snagged from a character development tumblr.

Layers Meme )
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