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It took awhile for things to settle after he knocked you off your high horse with a dirty trick and the mock-rescuing.

For awhile, you chose to play along: head down, hands in your pockets, an all too casual deadbeat dad working a dead-end job, letting him think he owned you while you tried to pick up what you could from the ashes his trick made of the pillar of your life's work.

Later you roped several people into the course of your now mutually twisted game, finding clues that he's not as good as he's been pretending to be, and found your own footing by playing up some of his own pawns and recruiting some new ones.

It's still a little funny now how that hinge event that destroyed your world and threw the entire house into chaos, somehow made you stand even taller and more sure than you've ever been that you can find a way to help them all rise from ashes again.
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